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Due to varied circumstances we've ceased our plan to open a public business operation in Portland, Oregon. Our mission to electrify classic vehicles continues behind the scenes. We will make a public announcement some time in the future after we relocate our operations to a state and city that are more supportive of new developing businesses. In the meantime we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter below. —Last updated October 2020

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Open Source HardwareJuly 27, 2019

We are committed to OSH (Open-source Hardware). Open-source software has had a huge impact on the world in the last decade. Many of the most popular web technologies we all use every day, are built largely on open-source software. Open source hardwares aim to to bring the same level of societal benefit to the physical world and objects that we use in our physical lives every day.

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Understanding battery capacity and energyMay 01, 2019

The capacity of a battery (or capacitor) is the amount of energy stored according to specific temperature, charge and discharge current value and time of charge or discharge. Let's look at some of the terminology and formulas used to give attributes to battery banks.

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The BMSMarch 04, 2018

BMS stands for Battery Management System. The purpose of the BMS is to allow operators to monitor important battery parameters during charging and discharging (driving). Simply put, voltages and currents. BMS are employed anywhere a battery is used. For the purpose of this article however, we are going to focus on Teknomadix automotive applications of a Battery Management System.

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