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The Future of Mobility is Electric!

We design and deploy decentralized power solutions to support the electric mobility revolution. Our technologies aim to bridge gaps in charging infrastructure. Our engineering & implementation serves to ease and expedite the adoption of electric vehicles in the United States. We work to accomplish this goal while maximizing capitalization and returned investment to our partners and the communities we operate within. We believe in the importance of transitional technologies to aid in market growth, and we embrace the 'Upgrade Model'. Electric drive-trains for installation in classic forms of auto-transport present a faster path to our vision of an all electric future of mobility. We are working to develop new forms of appropriate technologies based on domestic production to create jobs and help make our communities a cleaner place. Our path is the fastest route to a Zero Emissions future.

Simplicity = Reliability. One reason we love electric motors is their simplistic design. A standard internal combustion engine has over 5,000 separate moving parts. All those parts present a lot of opportunities for failures and inefficiency. Electric motors only have 1 major moving part. Simple!

Beyond lithium power. When a lithium battery is charged and discharged once, it is called a cycle. Lithium battery capacity degrades as the cycle numbers increase. We are working to design new power storage systems that will give more freedom, longer life, and better value to electric mobility consumers.

Latest stories

The BMSMarch 04, 2020

BMS stands for Battery Management System. The purpose of the BMS is to allow operators to monitor important battery parameters during charging and discharging (driving). Simply put, voltages and currents. BMS are employed anywhere a battery is used. For the purpose of this article however, we are going to focus on Teknomadix automotive applications of a Battery Management System.

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Nomadic mobile charging™️ - On The Road to ScaleFebruary 11, 2020

Our pioneering Nomadic charge™️ service is an engineered solution to bring more freedom and accessibility to electric mobility fast charge subscribers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In this post we discuss regulatory compliance and our engineering solutions that pave a road map to our success.

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Open Source HardwareJuly 27, 2019

We are committed to OSH (Open-source Hardware). Open-source software has had a huge impact on the world in the last decade. Many of the most popular web technologies we all use every day, are built largely on open-source software. Open source hardwares aim to to bring the same level of societal benefit to the physical world and objects that we use in our physical lives every day.

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Understanding battery capacity and energyMay 01, 2019

The capacity of a battery (or capacitor) is the amount of energy stored according to specific temperature, charge and discharge current value and time of charge or discharge. Let's look at some of the terminology and formulas used to give attributes to battery banks.

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